PSM I Free Test

PSM I Free Test

(Updated based on the Scrum Guide 2020)

Almost all people who plan to take the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) exam want to be familiar with its questions’ difficulty level. On the other hand, they prefer to know more about our PSM I practice assessments and training manual’s quality and then buy them. Based on these reasons, Scrum School has released some of its designed questions to the public free of charge. All questions in PSM I free test are the questions that come from our Scrum Master Certification Practice Assessment product. So, it can be a great sample to check our product’s quality. In every attempt, you will get 20 random questions from a larger pool and you can take it as many times as you want. After each attempt, you will get your score and of course the answer and reliable explanation for each question in order to inspect and adapt your knowledge.

All questions are designed by Scrum School and are not endorsed by The free test has the following characteristics:

Number of questions in each attempt: 20

Attempt time limit: 15 minutes

Pass score: 85%