Scrum Developer Certification Training Manual

Scrum Developer Certification
Training Manual

• PSD I™ exam tips & tricks manual
• Based on the Scrum Guide 2020

Produced by: Seyed Mehdi Hoseini

Product Information

  • Type: PDF file (downloadable)
  • Page: 47 pages
  • Access: One year
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Version: 4.0
  • Last Update: 04/2021

Price: €12


A tips and tricks training manual for passing the PSD I (Professional Scrum Developer I) exam. offers Professional Scrum Developer (PSD I) certification. All candidates should pass the PSD I exam to get certified. It is recommended that all Scrum developers who work in a Scrum Team would certify themselves.

But we found that there is a gap between preparation resources for exams in the market and the tricky level of the exams’ questions. Most resources that suggests for preparation are books. These books just establish fundamental knowledge and insight, but usually, do not prepare candidates for the tricky questions. So most people do not prepare as enough for the exam as possible and find the exams risky.

On the other hand, related courses are expensive for many people and according to rules these courses are not mandatory and candidates can prepare themselves through self-study. Therefore, we have decided to produce a product to prepare candidates through a tips and tricks training manual to take the real exam with more confidence. Our competitive advantage is broad and extensive content as a reliable learning source with an implicit tricky approach in it. We worked hard to prepare this quality content and we believe it can fill the mentioned gap.

So, we invite you to prepare yourselves for the PSD I exam with our high-quality tips and tricks training manual.

Sample content of manual

Which tests can be automated and which not?

The following tests can be automated: Unit Test, Integration Test, Component Test, System Test, Functional Acceptance Test, User Acceptance Test and Non-functional Acceptance Test (Capacity, Security, Performance, etc.), etc.

However, the following tests cannot be automated: Exploratory Test, Usability Test, Showcase Test.

What is the synonym of code metrics?

Many code metrics have synonym as following:

Lines of Code (LOC): Source Lines of Code (SLOC)

Class Coupling: Coupling Between Objects (CBO)

Depth of Inheritance: Depth of Inheritance Tree (DIT)

Efferent Coupling (Ce): Outgoing Dependencies

Afferent Coupling (Ca): Incoming Dependencies

Cyclomatic Complexity: Program Complexity

What is the Afferent Coupling metric?

Afferent coupling measures how many classes depend on a given class and has the following characteristics:

  • Classes with high afferent will affect other classes when changes.
  • A large afferent coupling can indicate that you should reconsider the responsibilities of a class because it will be very difficult to make changes to this class later when so many other classes are dependent on it
  • It is a code quality metric

Who is responsible for writing tests in a Scrum Team?

Developers are responsible for doing all required tasks to create a potentially releasable Increment. Writing tests, same as other tasks is a part of the development. On the other hand, there is no title among the Developers such as QA specialist, tester, or coder, but all members are a Developer. Therefore, the Developers together are responsible for writing tests.

How can the Scrum Team manage non-functional requirements in Scrum?

The non-functional requirements or cross-cutting concerns are the features of the design that may apply across all layers and are related to the quality requirements. There are many non-functional requirements as following: Security, Reliability, Performance, Availability, Globalization, Scalability, Maintainability, Robustness, etc. They can be managed by adding them to the Definition of Done, the Product Backlog, or acceptance criteria

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  2. An excellent manual, complete, detailed and very well explained!

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