Scrum Master Certification Training Manual

Scrum Master Certification
Training Manual

• PSM I™ exam tips & tricks manual
• Based on the Scrum Guide 2020

Produced by: Seyed Mehdi Hoseini

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  • Type: PDF file (downloadable)
  • Page: 36 pages
  • Access: One year
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Version: 5.0
  • Last Update: 04/2021

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A tips and tricks training manual for passing the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) exam. offers the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification. All candidates should pass PSM I exam to get certified. It is highly recommended that all Scrum Team players certify themselves.

But we have found that there is a gap between preparation resources for exams in the market and the tricky level of the exams’ questions. Most resources that suggests for preparation are books. These books just establish fundamental knowledge and insight, but usually, do not prepare candidates for the tricky questions. So most people do not prepare as enough for the exam as possible and find the exams risky.

On the other hand, related courses are expensive for many people and according to rules these courses are not mandatory and candidates can prepare themselves through self-study. Therefore, we have decided to produce a product to prepare candidates through tips and tricks training manual to take the real exams with more confidence. Our competitive advantage is broad and extensive content as a reliable learning source with an implicit tricky approach in it. We worked hard to prepare this quality content and we believe it can fill the mentioned gap.

So, we invite you to prepare yourselves for the PSM I exam with our high-quality tips and tricks training manual.

Sample content of manual

What happens to the project manager role in Scrum?

According to the Scrum rules, the Scrum Team consists of one Scrum Master, one Product Owner, and Developers and nothing else. The project manager’s responsibilities are distributed among the Scrum Team. In addition, the Scrum Master or the Product Owner is not the same thing as a traditional project manager.

What is the right policy of the Scrum Master for removing the impediments?

The Scrum Master empowers the Team to resolve the impediments on their own. If resolving an impediment exceeds the authority level of the Team, Scrum Master intervenes to resolve it. But, based on the definition, Scrum Masters serve the Team by causing the removal of impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress. It means they should be the start point of the resolution process. So, it is obvious that they can ask for help from other Team members or even people outside the Team. Therefore, they do not need to resolve all impediments directly on their own.

Why does a Scrum Team always need a Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master has two main accountabilities. First, establishing Scrum properly and helping the Team to be mature and effective about using Scrum. Second, causing the removal of impediments. It may seem when a Team becomes mature, they will not need a Scrum Master. Indeed, it is not true. According to the second accountability that impediments can always occur, even when the Team becomes mature, the Team always needs a Scrum Master. In fact, a Scrum Team is always encountering challenges, while the challenges’ difficulty, level, and shape may differ. Being more mature, having higher level challenges.

Who determines how many Items should be selected for the Sprint from the Product Backlog?

The Product Owner or Scrum Master should not determine or force the Developers to select enough items from the Product Backlog because this manner decreases their commitment, as they may not believe they can finish all the selected items until the end of the Sprint. It is up to the Developers to select enough items for the Sprint without any worry about blame or outside force, as they know the best how to do the work. Therefore, the authority of selecting enough amount of PBIs for the Sprint belongs to the Developers.

What is the recommended size of the Scrum Team?

The Scrum Team is small enough to remain nimble and large enough to complete significant work within a Sprint, typically 10 or fewer people. In general, smaller teams communicate better and are more productive. Too few members decrease interaction and results in smaller productivity gains. Smaller Teams may encounter skill constraints during the Sprint, causing the Team to be unable to deliver a potentially releasable Increment. Too large Team requires too much coordination. Large Teams generate too much complexity for an empirical process to be useful.

What does self-managing Scrum Team mean?

When a Scrum Team is self-managing, they internally decide who does what, when, and how. In addition, no one tells them how to turn Product Backlog into Increments of potentially releasable functionality. In the self-management state, creativity, productivity, flexibility and commitment (buy-in) emerge.

What should the Developers do when one outside the Team orders them to do unplanned work?

The Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the value of the Developers’ work. Changing the Sprint Backlog items in the middle of the Sprint may endanger the Sprint Goal and interrupt Team’s focus. So, in this case, the Developers should inform the Product Owner so that (s)he can work with the one who has ordered unplanned work.

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2 thoughts on “Scrum Master Certification Training Manual

  1. This 30 pages manual was a great companion to Scrum Guide and presents a wealth of knowledge necessary for all scrum practitioners; for me, it made things really clearer for me, and helped me better understand the concepts covered in PSM 1.
    I highly recommend reading this manual, to anyone willing to understand Scrum Guide and Scrum Master role better, and I hope they’ll present other Scrum-related manuals (like PSM 2) soon.

  2. I would like to share my experience regarding scrum school training material specially preparing scrum master certification document, i passed PSM I axam by using mehdi hoseini course ,this document also another source recommended by mr.hoseini, i highly recommend this document for everyone want to pass exam
    Thanks a lot scrum school and mehdi
    Good luck

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