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Preparation guide for the PSK I exam

PSK I exam is a bit expensive, so we have provided a guide for the candidates to prepare, practice and pass it according to our experience.

Professional Scrum with Kanban exams and in this case PSK I exam are challenging and a little bit expensive. So people want to know how they can pass these exams with more confidence. Therefore, we have decided to prepare a series of preparation guides for the exams.
Each guide contains minimum mandatory actions that should be done for passing the exam in a suitable timeframe. has introduced PSK I (Professional Scrum with Kanban I) certificate for all people who want to combine strength of both frameworks. Indeed, each framework i.e. Scrum or Kanban can strengthen each other. For us, as Scrum practitioners, there are a lot of practices in Kanban that can improve our value delivery process dramatically.
In this post, we will introduce the PSK I exam (Professional Scrum with Kanban I) step by step preparation guide as follows:

Books and Articles

  1. Read “The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams” carefully word by word
  2. Read “The Scrum Guide” carefully word by word
  3. “Scrum Insights for Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion” book by Hiren Doshi
  4. Read all blog posts mentioned here
  5. If you can, attend a PSK (Professional Scrum with Kanban) course
  6. Do Scrum with Kanban open assessment many times
  7. Practice PSK I sample questions of by Simon Kneafsey
  8. Do all scrum open tests (scrum, product owner, developer, Nexus)

Complementary Materials

  1. “Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability” book by Daniel Vacanti
  2. “Kanban in Action” book by Marcus Hammarberg and Joakim Sunden 
  3. Manage the time carefully and be in your highest energy state when you want to take the exam

Also, there are a lot of complementary resources that you can find in this link for the PAL I exam.

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